The majority of my stories have been written for the Arts & Culture section of The Sputnik, but I have begun shifting my writing to hard news. In between major stories on campus, I continue to write articles on festivals, music and strange ideas. Specific topics I am interested in reporting on include gender relations, the Alt-Right and Alt-Left, fringe cultures and politics. If you have a story pitch, please feel free contact me.


Proud Boys

"A Free Speech Rally held at Victoria Square quickly ended when opposition arrived.

The rally, organized by Laurier Brantford student Christian Mejia, was intended to criticize the disciplinary actions taken against Lindsay Shepherd while reinforcing that universities should not censor students. The rally was set to begin at noon on Friday Nov. 24, but failed to bring in any supporters. A crowd had formed prior to the event outside of the Carnegie Building but dispersed a few minutes after.

“Today we’re over here simply to stand up for Lindsay Shepherd,” said Mejia, “and we’re here to try and pass a Freedom of Expression clause that has been written by a few professors at Wilfrid Laurier University. We’re just trying to make that we can secure our students from future offenses by the faculty and the administration."


CSA Keynote

"The Criminology Student Association faced backlash after scheduling Danielle Robitaille to speak on March 8.

Robitaille was part of the defence counsel for Jian Ghomeshi, who was tried and acquitted for sexual assault in 2016. On March 6, the defence lawyer declined her invitation from the Criminology Student Association (CSA) annual conference.

“I do not think there is enough time before my scheduled talk to sort through the complaints and the call for it to be cancelled,” Robitaille wrote in an email to the CSA.

Following CSA advertisements that Robitaille would be speaking at their event, a Laurier collective known as Advocates for a Student Culture of Consent (ASCC)* shared an email template through a Facebook page titled “We Believe Survivors: a Call to Action at Laurier Brantford”. Students were encouraged to use this template to send to Laurier representatives, including the CSA and the Students’ Union president, voicing their opposition to her invitation."



"Have you seen strange, inexplicable lights in the Brantford night sky? There’s a group of individuals in Brantford devoted to trying to find and document any and all UFO sightings, as well as spread the word throughout Canada. This group of individuals is the Brantford chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON for short.

The group met up on Friday, October 9 in the lobby of the Brantford Via Rail station where they had Emmy Award winner Sid Goldberg talk about his upcoming documentary and his very own encounters with alien species. Of the group of people who had showed up for this meeting, half had at some time or another encountered aliens. All of these people were locals who had the encounter here in Brantford."